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Living in such challenging times with increasing uncertainty and complexity, means that having time to stop and think in an intelligent and supportive way is more important than ever before.

I work with professionals at times of transition who are facing challenges on different fronts. That could be a re-think of business or organisational strategy, growing a business or team, developing leadership acumen or improving health and resilience. You may find it useful to have a sanity check and sounding board when things get tough.

My own career began in publishing followed by corporate advertising and marketing in Hewlett-Packard. I then set up  a creative communications agency in the mid 1980s before transitioning into coaching twenty years ago. I had always believed in knowing your values and shaping your own destiny.  All was going well until my mother got ill with Alzheimer's  and my daughter with terminal cancer. Such personal experiences have shaped my determination to appreciate each day and pay attention to what is truly important.

Much of my focus has been with  hi-tech businesses, IT groups within global corporations and professional services organisations. I enjoy working with bright and interesting people who have tough jobs. Over the years I have worked with corporations such as Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, KPMG, Swiss Re and GSK as well as universities, government departments, charities, the arts and entrepreneurial smaller businesses.

I am a fully qualified international PCC coach accredited with the International Coach Federation. My writing includes eight  books focused on persoanl and business development including the  popular  ‘Live Life. Love Work,’ ‘Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for Dummies,’ ‘Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Workbook for Dummies’ and ‘Confidence for Dummies’ plus the all in one guides: ‘Business Skills’ ‘Personal Development’ and the ‘Job Hunting and Career Change’  ’Coaching with NLP’ is the most recent book. 

Kate Burton

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