Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Career Waves Programme


The job market is exceptionally tough right now and the idea you have a job for life is unrealistic. You are likely to attract new opportunities based on your reputation rather than what fits you for the future. So it's all too easy to get stuck doing work you don't enjoy.


Whether you have been made redundant, begun looking for a new challenge, need to raise your performance or step into a new role, there may be period of transition when what you are doing is not the best fit for your talents.


My Career Waves Programme is for professionals and executives who would like to:


  • Establish clarity on career direction
  • Present themselves well at interview
  • Attract ‘best fit’ opportunities
  • Step into a new and challenging role with confidence
  • Raise their career game



The career coaching programme with Kate has been uplifting to the point where I’m now enthusing about my work and interested in developing my career. I now have a clear understanding of how to go forward. In fact, it’s been an eye-opener to step back, stop and think what I really want to be doing.” Mark Nutburn, IT Director.


Typically the Career Waves Coaching takes place over three half day intensive sessions that focus on getting clarity about where you can thrive, develop your ”personal brand’ confidence and review your strategy. It can be supplemented with CV review and interview practice depending on your individual circumstances.


This programme is for professionals and leaders at the point of:


  • Looking for their next role within an organisation
  • Outplaced and seeking assistance
  • Facing a transition between roles
  • Frustration at the lack of attractive opportunities



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